Things You Should Never Tell Your Agent and/or Manager(that is if you want to keep them!)

Getting great representation in the form of an agent and manager or both, is one of the most

important steps in an actor’s life. They can help you build your career and ensure that you are

on the road to a successful and long-lasting career.

And yes, it can be frustrating when you have representation, but you’re still not getting as many

auditions as you would like, so the first line of attack is usually your rep. Unfortunately, that is

like shooting yourself in the foot. Without these professionals in an actor’s life, it’s nearly

impossible to secure auditions into major TV shows, award winning films and national

commercials. So, what do you do? For this article, it’s what don’t you do!

Frustration can cause an actor to react to their rep and not respond. Being reactive is a big no

no on the list of “what not to do to your rep” who is trying to get you into the right rooms.

What are some reactive comments?

1. You haven’t had an audition in over a month. You’re getting older and feel like your

career is doomed and never going to take off. So, you call your rep and voice your

exasperation. In the process of the conversation, they hit that button of no return, and

you blurt out, “You work for me!

Silence. Awkwardness.

You may think that your agent or manager wouldn’t be anything without you, but

nothing could be further from the truth. And if you say things like this, it’s almost a sure

thing that they won’t be working for you for much longer at all.

2. The only thing that can be worse than number one, is saying to your rep, “I haven’t

been on an audition in forever. Are you even doing your job?”

And you might as well hang up the phone or leave the room, because from that point

on, it will be all downhill! And let’s just hope this rep isn’t very connected to others, or

you might be without an agent and/or manager for a very long time.

3. “But I was only 20 minutes late,” said no smart actor to their rep ever! I guess some

actors don’t look at it from the rep’s point of view. They could have 100 clients. If one or

two of them are late for many auditions in different casting offices, the one who gets

the bad reputation is your rep. We are responsible to get you to that audition on time. If

you think this isn’t something to concern yourself with, you will find yourself “rep-less.”

And last but not least – the motherload...

4. “My friend is getting into a lot more auditions than me. Why is that?”

Oh, I don’t know...maybe he has more credits...maybe she has better reels...maybe they

know the casting director...

Time of year...holidays...summer...wrong roles for the actor’s type also contribute to a

lack of auditions.

There are tons of reasons why one actor gets in a room for an audition and another

does not. You can never pinpoint why something happens. Casting might be looking for

someone with bushier eyebrows or a larger nose. There are an infinitesimal amount of

reasons and this question should never be asked of a rep.

So, from my vantage point to yours, the actor, let’s review:

Be respectful

Be thankful

Be positive

Be prompt

If an actor are all of those things, your agent and manager will work even harder for you and in

turn you will get more auditions and more work.

Having a meaningful, enriching relationship with your agent and manager is key to success.

Remember to always keep things professional, be appreciative and a positive attitude and your

team will do everything humanly possible to ensure your career is highly successful.